CS Anoop Jain Books



  • Himanshu Sharma

    CS Anoop Jain sir has helped not only me but thousands of aspiring CS students in fulfilling their dreams of understanding the law and simultaneously cracking the exams with good marks. He completely justifies the title of "The Corporate Law Wizard. This portal will surely help all the aspiring students who are unable to take coaching from this genius.
  • Aarav Singh

    Anoop sir is not just a good teacher he is also a motivator and career maker.his main objective is preparing CS having excellent, dept and expert knowledge of corporate laws.One More thing which makes him different from other faculties is that he tells the logic behind every section and concept so that students can feel the beauty of corporate laws .In short He has he is the best faculty of ACL,CR,DD and Drafting in entire India therefore Industry says him CORPORATE LAW WIZARD and He is my Idol.
  • Ashutosh

    Anoop jain sir has supreme art to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Sir's teaching style is exam and concept oriented that increase confidence of students. Sir gives example and industry relevant case study of every topic that gives better understanding of provisions along with help students to become a good professional.. I want to say only one thing, A mediocare teacher tells. A good teacher explain but Sir is those superior teacher who inspired us. Thank you for your patience Sir. ( Ashutosh Gautam)
  • Deepak Garg (All India 12th Rank in CS professional Dec 2015)

    Anoop sir has been more than a teacher - a mentor, guide, and philosopher. Getting All India Rank 12 was not an easy task but Sir made it easy. He has a unique way of teaching and his books are easy to understand. He also enlightens students with the practical exposure in classroom. All in all it has been a great learning experience. I thank him for his support and guidance.
  • Mayank Vashisth

    CS Anoop jain sir is the best teacher and human being I have ever met. How he makes you understand each word, each concept, how he put every single concepf in your mind js amazing and unbeatable. He is undoubtedly, the best teacher for Company Secretaryship in entire india