If you are a company secretary students and searching for best coaching for CS Executive or CS Professional, then CS Anoop Jain is the name you should search.

It’s been more than 7 years that CS Anoop Jain has entered into CS Education bandwagon, and in these 7 years, he has only worked for the benefit of CS Students. Maybe this is why he is at present India’s most loved and referred faculty to CS Professional. He has helped numerous cs students in knowing what is law, how to interpret the law, how to stay ahead in the long race and how to connect within the law. The vision he has in his mind is very much clear when it comes to uplifting the level of education. He makes sure the study material he uses and the teaching he adopts must complement each other.

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He is one such teacher who never fails to impress you. He will take away all the stress with his charm because at the end, no matter what you have studied, how you have studied and how much you have studied; it all comes down to how to handle your calm during the examination session. Unlike other experienced faculties, he uses a progressive approach of conducting a variety of seminars, MOCK annual general meetings, on-stage performances on whole topics, Company Law quizzes; which help students in gaining a momentum and experiencing in person what they have learned all along.

Often he uses this statement; “You should not only know how to interpret the law, you should also know why the law was made and what is the reasoning and logic behind the same.”

You talk about result, he has delivered it 9 times Back-to-Back; you ask about rank-holders and highest mark getter, in every session his students score highest marks all over India; you talk about knowledge and interpretation skills, his students know rules, sub-rules, section, sub-section, interpretation with logic, forms numbers and even every related case-studies on every topic. He teaches along with along with CA Arun Setia who is also India’s renowned teacher for CS Exams at CA Arun Setia Classes. Both these teachers with their efforts and dedication to help students has made their institute India’s No.1 Institute for CS Education. The institute has a sound infra which atusties every student’s need and preferences.

For the benefit of his students, he has opened a special website on his name, from where all CS students can get in touch with every latest amendment in the ICSI Study material, companies act 2013, SEBI Act, SEBI regulations, labour laws and all other applicable laws. Not just amendments, also training updates in top law firms and listed organization get updated on his website.

He is undoubtedly the best teacher for CS Professional. It’s his teaching style that made him India’s most loved and preferred teacher for CS students. The grip he has on his students is beyond commendable. Like there is a saying that, “it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve spent in the industry, what matters is how much you can offer to year.” This saying suits him as a teacher. CS Anoop Jain maintains proper interactions with students and certainly take all necessary steps if and when students ask for it.

As it discussed earlier that how books are of prime importance in CS Education because what we learn under this course is law and law changes every single day. One can never afford to a miss single update before attempting exams. In order to make sure every student gets to study from completely amended and fully updated book, he has also launched a Publication house AJ Publication and an e-commerce portal where all his and other celebrated writers books are available at lesser price and free home delivery option.

After teaching and helping CS Professional programme students, this year he also started teaching students under CS Executive programme as well. His reason behind that was quite simple because since years he has been experiencing, that students under professional programme do not know what to answer when someone asks them what is the difference between “company” and “Body-corporate”.  It’s better to teach all at primary level so that he can experiment a little with CS Professional programme students in knowledge building process.

If you are eager to know more about CS Anoop Jain, his ventures BooksPadho and AJ Publications or wants attend his classes then you can visit his website or call at  011-45139922, 011-45719209

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