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CS Management Training : “COMPANY or FIRM”

Every CS Student is required to undergo management training in order to complete the company secretary course with companies (private or public), legal consultancy firm or any other organization. Management training is one of the most precious parts of every company secretary’s journey, this helps a cs student in becoming a company secretary. It strengthens theoretical learning and provides a practical approach to that theoretical learning. Under the cs management, training students experience formal workplace condition. The company secretary course is not the one it used to be 10 years before. India is developing as a nation and the companies started adopting good governance way in order to come clean in the eyes of and in shining out as a “good corporate citizen”. This has widened the ambit of company secretary profession. The opportunities are immense and so as the need. A good training ensures a good career as a company secretary, you can say that a good training is the backbone of the successful professional career as a company secretary.

But before undergoing the management training, a company secretary student needs to workout few things:

Company or Firm

A big question mark is always there when we ask ourselves; Company or firm which is better. See each one of them has its pros and cons. But you need to be very careful with your choice. Explore your interest, know your strengths and weaknesses, ask your peers and those who are working in companies and firms. Go with the firm if you are one of those who’ve decided what to pursue after the training. If you are desirous of starting your own practice then training in the firm is the best possible option available.

CS Practice or Job

Know your vision, ask yourself where you see yourself after 5 years. After getting the membership, you will be having two options, you could join a company and work there on the salary basis as its CS or can start your practice and provide companies your legal consultancy on legal matters. It is always suggested as per the veterans that if you are interested in practice then always go for training in a law firm, where you can learn how a firm runs and what is needed to be done.

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