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Preparing for CS Executive exam? Check out the Do’s and Don’ts.

The prestigious Institute of Company Secretaries of India “ICSI” conducts the examination for CS Foundation, CS Executive and CS Professional course students in June and December months every year.  Mentioned below are the dos and don’ts list shared by CS Anoop Jain, popularly known as “THE CORPORATE LAW WIZARD”.


  • Never go with selective topics, go through each and every concepts and chapter thoroughly.
  • You might be referring outdated study material. Before every attempt, you can find all the supplements, practice paper, ICSI Study Material, amendment of all sorts in every subject from this website. We’ll be uploading all the contents here or here.

“You can get all sorts of amended books for CS Foundation, CS Executive and CS Profession from here

  • No need for panic in the examination. Have faith in your hard work.
  • Don’t spend too much time on any question or topic. If you are having trouble on any topic ask it out from your friends or teacher.
  • In case you are giving your second attempt, don’t invest your thoughts on the mistakes you’d in the previous examination.
  • Get the basics right first, avoid going with strategic planning in any sort.  
  • Don’t leave any question unattended while attempting the exam, you might be ended up writing something worthy. Answer all questions.
  • During the examination, do not waste your time on questions you are not confident about. Attempt what you know and you can write well. After finishing what you know, start reading difficult questions you left again and again. Give your focus and concentrate rather than feeling stressed about the same.
  • Try to finish your revision beforehand, do not leave anything undone or partly done. Time management is the key
  • Stay away from rattafication.


  • Plan out your preparation, some of the subjects may be interrelated hence try to do multiple subjects in one day. Read them one after the other. Do not stick to one plan.
  • You could even plan out a “1 theory-1 practical” strategy. This will keep you motivated every time.
  • Check past year questions, but do not get interested in knowing the pattern. The weightage of chapters will not going to be same for your attempt.
  • Nothing will be asked out of ICSI Module. Strictly stick to the syllabus.
  • Look for a few topics which are repeatedly asked along with what is recently amended.
  • Underline important points and make small pointers in your book this will save your time during revision.
  • Take coaching classes for subjects like Company law, Company Accounts and Taxation.

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  • Use ICSI Module and a self-study book for easy preparation. Because you have to write amended answers.
  • Practice as much as you can before the exams, do the writing instead of just learning formulas.
  • Warm your hands with speed writing.
  • Conceptual understanding and correlations among various topics are the best strategies you can adopt while preparing for theoretical topics because everything is correlated.  Don’t focus on memorizing, but understanding and analyzing the topic.
  • Dedicate at least 12 hours a day and revise at least 2 subjects daily.
  • Follow this patterns while answering the questions: Introduction on the basis of the question asked, body explaining legal aspects of section and rules and a good conclusion.
  • Stay motivated and tell yourself that you can “DO IT & NOTHING CAN STOP YOU”.

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