How to clear CS Professional

How to clear CS Professional exams faster?

There can be multiple reasons if you are finding it hard to clear CS Professional. CS Professional Programme consists of total 3 modules having 3 subjects each.

CS Professional Module I

CS Professional Module II

CS Professional Module III


We are mentioning some tips below which you can adopt in order to clear cs professional exams faster:

  • ICSI Study Material: ICSI’s study material should be referred by each and every student if the aim is to clear the exams faster.  Just a one time thorough reading of the module is enough because that will help you in creating an understanding of the topics and if anything comes from the module as it is then you will be able to answer the same. In general, the paper setter do not ask direct questions hence to tackle those question you can refer a self-study reference book by a good author and a publication house.


  • Refer past year question:  It is recommended not to go with a scanner because those are not updated and amended properly, instead go with a reference book that comes with past year questions because all you need to know is what kind of question ICSI ask in the exams.


  • Private coaching: There are many myths surrounded by this tips that whether private coaching is good or not for the students benefit. We recommend that you should go with private coaching if any available in your city. If not you should go out and search for it because in private coaching they’ll teach you how to interpret the law, how to connect with the law and what is the logic behind every provision under the law.  But the major problem could be in finding out which one to refer because out of 100 if you are lucky then you could find the 1 where the faculties will guide you and help you in clearing the cs professional exams faster.


  • Patience and confidence: Remember rome wasn’t built in one day. You have to be patient and have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself, nothing comes easy. Both smart work and hard work is required. Do not just rattofied the concept try to understand it well enough so that no matter how tough the paper comes who will be able to solve every question.


All the best for your exams and in case of any doubt, share your comment below. Our team will get back to you.


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