CS Foundation subjects

How to score All India Rank in CS Foundation subjects and Programme?

Sharing with all CS Foundation students some self-study tips to clear CS Foundation Programme. All the cs foundation subjects are also mentioned hereunder. One cannot deny the fact that, cs foundation student have a tough task ahead since they have to prepare for two exams in one day or 4 exams in 2 days. It’ll be tougher if you have chosen to clear this through self-study. Along with ICSI Module on individual subjects make sure you refer CS Foundation Books all in one with consists of all four subject. There has to be MCQs along with some basic summary concepts on each topic in CS foundation book.

Except for the paper of Business Communication under CS Foundation Program, ICSI allows students to appear in examination in both the languages English as well as in Hindi.

CS Foundation Subjects

CS Foundation Subjects Programme
[4 papers]
( New Syllabus)

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Some self-study tips are mentioned below, make sure you must follow these:

  • Practice as much MCQs as you can.
  • Refer practical Cs foundation book by good publication house.
  • You might not be able to crack this programme if you are devoting 2-3 hours daily in every subject.  You must self-paced your self-study and do not maintain your tendency to leave everything for the examination day because that will leave you difficult situation.
  • Do not go for video lectures online or offline, that is a hoax and will waste your time and money. Instead, create a group of 4-5 people among your social network and exchange notes.
  • No need for panic in the examination. Have faith in your hard work.
  • Get the basics right first, avoid going with strategic planning in any sort.  
  • Check past year questions, but do not get interested in knowing the pattern. The weightage of chapters will not be same for your attempt as well.
  • Eat well, sleep well and study well


This article contains self-study tips. You can refer one of AJ publication’s book on CS Foundation subjects. Here wishing all of you of all best of luck for your future upcoming exams of cs foundation.


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