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For commerce aspirants cs is proved to be one of the toughest course on clock. We do not suggest anybody to acquire knowledge roughly or just mug up thinks just for the sake of giving or attempting exams rather we believe that knowledge must be acquired from the right road else the destination will be diverted. If I talk about CS Professional’s subject for which there is no coaching available ethics, governance and sustainability it’s just not a paper but it’s a lesson for life. For acquiring detailed knowledge one must refer something compiled, easy to understand and reliable because concept clarity is the thing we are in requirement of. Mugging up the facts is not we preach at AJ Education and Publication LLP and Bookspadho.

A book which is providing by far the best material for cs professional with simplified language for the most technical provisions covering the widest possible material of ICSI module with a add on to scanner is published only by the author CS ANOOP JAIN (the corporate law wizard) ™ by the name of “Ethics, Governance And Sustainability” access to which is just a click away. One can get his books at Bookspadho which is an exclusive online portal for the best cs executive and professional books. No other author apart from CS Anoop Jain includes such detailed chart analysis on every important topic.

Why prefer Bookspadho?

Why AJ Education and Publication books could help you in achieving exemption in all exams?

The question which might bother all the aspirants is which book to refer and why? Here is the answer to all those queries. AJ PUBLICATION is providing by far the best book for company secretary aspirants. CS ANOOP JAIN who currently is the backbone of his own publication LLP has flair of writing which is quite different from everyone present in the market. He is providing totally updated books with all the amendments, circulars, regulations, notifications & rules. CS Anoop Jain sir has a clear vision in his mind that only knowledge doesn’t help you in clearing these highly technical subjects, for achieving that one must known why we are studying that paper, one must know how this will be implemented, one must know that how we’ll be able to change the course of the nation with our unique skills and command. As we all know “outdated products are of no use” so buy AJ Publication’s book at which is equipped with all latest amendments issued by prestigious ICSI.

Bookspadho is a place where you can get best book available for CS Professional exams and that will help you in clearing all exams at first shot.

CS ANOOP JAIN is the most searched author

CS ANOOP JAIN is the most searched author for cs executive and cs professional. So if you are in search of compiled solution you must make a visit to

Ask anyone about best books for CS Professional and they’ll tell you refer CS ANOOP JAIN’s Books

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Writing law books is not an easy task to be done; it’s so difficult to reduce the data in a simplified language without harming the intent of the law maker. No doubt, CS ANOOP JAIN makes lots of efforts for making this publication so effective. The way he presented the syllabus through his charts and unique examples makes him different from others, which helps the aspirants to retain the concept.

Have a look at the book: Do check out the index and other description here:

REVIEWS for CS Anoop Jain Book for “ethics, governance and sustainability” as Customer satisfaction is the top most priority here… here are some reviews we gather from our prospective readers…


CS ANOOP JAIN is not only a great mentor but an amazing person too… I found his books so effective for not only the prospective of clearing exams but also for gathering a great knowledge.

utsav joshi


The tagline itself defines his ability “THE CORPORATE LAW WIZARD”. The book on ethics, governance and sustainability is drafted so efficiently that I need not refer anything else except the module. Features like… Compiled, amended up to date, chart and simple analysis makes him more adorable.

damini anand


When it comes to ethics, our mind says moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity. It is clear that Ethics can’t be defined in a single line. It is a much wider term than anybody can think of. This topic is added in company secretary professional course by ICSI in order to give its students an outlook about the term ethics It demand from its students to be paramount in ethical conduct, moral principles while operating in corporate world This makes it important to provide students with a clear study material to know the ETHICS in a well manner In order to provide a good, clear content about ethics. Students are advised to refer book on Ethics Governance & Sustainability by author CS Anoop Jain Who is known for his well structured books for CS exams. When it comes to exams, every single topic of study material provided by ICSI is covered under his books in a more precise manner with necessary image and charts which helps a student to remember the topic easily.

akshit and bhupesh

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