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How to Pass CS Executive Company Accounts and Auditing Practices?

Today we are going to share with students of CS Executive some tips on how to pass CS Executive Company Accounts and Auditing Practices providing tips to prepare CS Executive Company Accounts and Auditing Practices. Particularly, this subject under CS Executive programme is tough to crack since one must have some knowledge of the subject company law under the same programme. Company Accounts and Auditing Practices paper has been designed by ICSI in order to provide the students advance knowledge of the principles and practices of company accounts along with auditing requirements.

CS Executive Company Accounts and Auditing Practices is divided into two parts:

  • Part- A: Company Accounts and (70 marks)
  • Part-B: Auditing Practices. (30 marks)

The student should take the following things into consideration particularly for this subject.

  1. Understand the practical aspects of Company Law provisions, since you guys are dealing with a practical subject here, hence it is highly advisable to solve maximum practical problems.
  2. Practices variety of practical questions from almost every topic, no topic is easy. Create an understanding, do not mug up the format for the sake of finishing the topic.
  3. Under auditing part, students are expected to refer ICSI module but that will consume a lot of time hence it is suggested that cs executive students should refer some good reference books for CS Executive Company Accounts & Auditing Practices paper.
  4. All the cs executive students should obtain the practical insight on various aspects of the statutory audit, secretarial audit, provisions relating to auditor’s appointment and cost audit.
  5. Do not leave the Indian Accounting Standards and Accounting standards issued by the Institute. Students are also advised to read ‘Student Company Secretary’, Chartered Secretary,  recommended books, Bare Act and other publications on Company Accounts & Auditing Practices paper.

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