Refund Policy

  • The recipients planning for the service needs to be minimum 13 years of age.
  • Only any human can be beneficial form the Technical Support.
  • One account is stated under a single person. An account related with the limited usage scope, as associated with the PC number, related with the agreement. A client can also try and purchase support, related with the additional Technical Support in case any need arise. Books Padho also has all sorts of rights to offer Technical Support as a major part of the software and issues, as mentioned on the Annexure 1. Any issues associated with the service or software, apart from the ones offered by the company, will not be taken into consideration by Books Padho.
  • The portfolio of the Technical Support is to be delivered through various sources like chat, phone or even email Technical Support. The online modulation will not be related with any Technical Support.
  • Books Padho can also help in offering the best support related with any sort of hardware related issues, as in printers, PCs, servers, wireless devices and also routers.
  • The firm is not going to offer any replacement Technical Support or will not take any sort of malfunctioning parts of the computer.
  • No such warranty is offered on the software and hardware Technical Support, under the support plan.
  • Books Padho is also not held responsible for any security maintenance related with any PC related password and username. Nor it can be held faulty for any damage or loss related with any failure, as a major part of the security obligation.
  • The users of PC are also requested to not share any sort of username and password related with support Technical Support from the professionals. In shared, then it must be changed on an immediate basis.
  • Books Padho is not associated with any damage or loss of any data theft, which might take place in the computer system of the user.
  • The users of the PC will monitor any remote session, as a part of the Books Padho technician. In case any failure is going to take place or any sort of data theft is related with any of the unattended remote session, then it might focus towards the Books Padho related with any untoward results. On the other hand, the similar service is not going to be used for any illegal or any similar consequences and the clients are not allowed to violate any of the rights, as associated with the jurisdiction level. All sorts of actions related with the Support For Computers is to be related with the cyber laws of US and Indian segments.
  • Books Padho is not at all held responsible for any damage or loss due to any of the authorization declination, related with any transaction. There is no such single liability related with the case binding Technical Support, related with the case associated with the cardholder. This might also exceed the present work limitation as agreed on the zone of banking, related with the same time.


Refunds, payments, downgrading and also upgrading terms

  • In case you are planning to deal with the online service, the company will take help of the credit card. Books Padho is also going to start any sort of agreement, which can be signed and also the payment needs to be realized. For any sort of monthly plan, the service is also related with the advanced billing category and those are related with monthly basis and this is at the same time, quite refundable, in nature. If the client is not quite satisfied with the service and at the same time, have not been associated with any successful resolution, related with PC within the zone of a month, then you are going to deal with the full refundable associated, without any question to be asked.
  • In case any failure is related with the issue, then a complete refundable service can be associated. In case any one of the issue is to be fixed, then the client is not going to get any sort of refundable option. Books Padho is also going to reserve the values associated with the zone of minimum values of $79.95 or it can also be stated as 25% associated with the entire monetary service. Therefore, it can be well stated that the x cases resolved can lead with the changes made along with the rest of the amount to be focused at.
  • All the charges are related with the levies, taxes and also duties, which are solely associated with the Indian taxing authorizes and you are solely responsible for any sort of payment, if levied with the place, where you stay. Not even single credit card related information will be stored by the company, and no such charges are going to be placed without any consent. Clients have the liberty to chance the annual plan, related with incident associated. Amount related accommodation is noted with the conditions and terms related with the account manager.
  • Refund will be applicable, the time frame will be 5 days if the wrong book is ordered. Refund will be credited in 10 days.


Termination and cancellation

  • Clients are held responsible for cancellation of any account and a phone or email request for account cancellation need to be forwarded to the account manager. The same acknowledgement will be provided by the clients.
  • Any client related data is to be stored with the active servers or on the immediate archived as associated with any time in the near future.
  • In case you are planning to cancel any sort of service just before the paid up month, then the entire shift is going to be cancelled and the client will never be charged again, on any ground.
  • Books Padho always reserve the right related with the termination or the suspended service of any refusal of any account, related with future use and also current use of the service. The reasons are related with any sort of unauthorized accessibility to the database and servers, portal and also data theft, along with abusive behavior, improper usage of Technical Support along with other PC related Technical Support, as related with the Books Padho. The termination might even lead to the deactivated Technical Support or deleted version of any account but it might even support the PC supportive Technical Support. Usage of any sort of illegal software might focus towards the deactivation of the account, under Books Padho.
  • Books Padho also have the right to refuse Technical Support to any client, at any point of time.