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CCH Padhuka CA CPT MCQ Bank G Sekar and B Sarvana Prasath May 2019

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This new Book “Padhuka MCQ Bank for CA CPT” covers about 13,500 Multiple Choice Questions, on the subjects.

Basics of Accounting, Mercantile Law, Basics of General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude as tested in the ICAI’s Common Proficiency Test. Some of the Repeated Past Exam Questions re-collected based on memory and Important Re visionary questions are highlighted with Star Mark.

These MCQs are intended to enable the student to prioritize and plan their learning through regular practice. Any sincere user of this Book will be able to have a good control over the subject and comfortably clear the CPT Exams with good marks. This book has been prepared with a view to facilitate students’ learning and enable them to test their knowledge in the various segments, in examination simulated conditions.

The focuses is to provide specific support to all types of students – whether from commerce or non-commerce stream while preparing for CPT Exams.

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