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CCH Padhuka CA Final OLD SYLLABUS Question bank ISCA November 2018

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The Subject Information Systems Control and Audit prescribed for study at the CA Final Level has been undergoing frequent updates and modifications due to the ever-dynamic Technology changes, and consequent up gradations of Academic Materials Study and Preparation for this Subject involves a careful reading of the various concepts, understanding the essence of the subject matter, and remembering the concepts / points, from an examination viewpoint This Book is intended to be a Effective Guide in learning ISCA from the CA Final Exam perspective. The Q&A Format will guide the Student to link the Question with the proper Answer in the Exams

This Edition comes to you with the following special feature

  • Updated as per latest edition Syllabus prescribed by ICAL
  • Syllabus organized into Chapters for quick assimilation of concepts.
  • Unique Question and Answer Pattern, with Answers in Point-by-Point by style.
  • Use of more Diagrams, Tables and Charts to explain concepts.
  • All relevant questions from Past Main Exams and RTP covered.
  • Multiple ways of Exam Questioning, but with the same Answer, covered in various Topics


  1. Information Systems – Basic Concepts
  • Information Systems Concepts
  • Types of Information Systems
  1. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • SDLC Part 1 – Preliminary Investigation & System Analysis
  • SDLC Part 2 “” Systems Design, Acquisition, Implementation & Maintenance, and IT Dept Structure
  1. Governance, Risk Management, Compliance
  2. Information Systems Controls
  3. Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  4. Information Systems Security
  5. Information Systems Audit
  6. Information Technology Act, 2000, and Other Regulatory Aspects
  7. Emerging Technologies
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