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Commercial CA IPCC OLD SYLLABUS Accounting Standards Ravi Kant Miriyala and Sunitanjani Miriyala May 2019

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Accounting Standards CA Old Syllabus Syllabus By Ravi Kanth Miriyala

The amazing features of this edition are:

  • Updated with the recent revisions made by Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • Student-friendly
  • Conceptual understanding of the standards with more than 400 detailed examples
  • Very simple language to understand
  • It covers all previous year questions and answers of CA – Inter, IPCC & PCC till November 2018
  • Diagrammatic presentation at the required places gives the grip on the AS.


CHAPTER 1: AS 1Disclosure of accounting policies

CHAPTER 2: AS 2 Valuation of inventories

CHAPTER 3: AS 3  Cash flow statement

CHAPTER 4: AS 4 Conthe contingencies and events occurring after the balance sheet date

CHAPTER 5: AS 5 Net profit or loss for the period, prior period items and changes in Accounting policies

CHAPTER 6: AS 7 Construction Contracts

CHAPTER 7: AS 9 – Revenue Recognition

CHAPTER 8: AS 10 – Property, Plant & Equipment (PPE)

CHAPTER 9: AS 11 – The effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

CHAPTER 10: AS 12 – Accounting for Government Grants

CHAPTER 11: AS 13 – Accounting for investments

CHAPTER 12: AS 14 – Accounting for amalgamation

CHAPTER 13: AS 16 – Borrowing costs

CHAPTER 14: AS 19 – Leases

CHAPTER 15: AS 20 – Earnings per share

CHAPTER 16: AS 26 – Intangible assets

CHAPTER 17: AS 29 – Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets

CHAPTER 18: Guidance Notes

About the Author 

CA. Ravi Kanth Miriyala is a Chartered Accountant, teaching/guiding the CA students (Inter & Final) since the last over 5 years. He has had over 4 years experience working with Deloitte and Price Waterhouse. He has more than 7 years of practical experience in the field of Accounts and Audit of various listed and other companies. He is a corporate trainer and has conducted various training sessions on Accounting Standards and IFRS.

He has diligence and immense ability to learn, relearn and unlearn. In spite of being India’s best faculty and accepted in the whole country, they are still far away from arrogance. He has been playing multiple roles since the time they are teachers. He is a teacher, motivators, friends, counsellors and inspiration for many aspirants. He gives students a classroom where they can share their doubts and can receive maximum learning. He makes students to imbibe all the knowledge given in the class so that they can retain it in the future as well.

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