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CS Executive Old Syllabus Economic and Commercial Laws CS Anoop Jain June 2019

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Exclusive features of this AJ Publication’s Old Syllabus Best CS Executive Old Syllabus Economic Business and Commercial Laws CS Anoop Jain June 2019 :

  • A self-study book specially written for CS students.
  • Tabular and graphical presentation of subject matter.
  • Simplified language.
  • Complete Coverage of the Syllabus as prescribed by ICSI.
  • Most fulling book available in the market.
  • The answers are given as per the latest amended laws and provisions.
  • Connectivity with other laws.
  • Past year questions with answers after every chapter.



CS Professional Corporate Restructuring Valuation & Insolvency by CS Anoop Jain is currently one of the best-selling books in the cs market and also one of the most loved books for the subject. This book is liked by every reader and a success rate of 100%. The author of this book is CS Anoop Jain who also happens to be India's most preferred law faculty for cs examinations. He is also the author multiple CS Executive and CS Professional course books. His newly released CS Executive Books are the first books to be launched by any author for any subject for CS Executive New Syllabus Exams. Having a teaching experience of more than 7 years, his students have scored more exemptions than any other faculty for the same exam. One of his students with the help of this book has scored 82 marks in CS Professional Corporate Restructuring Valuation & Insolvency. He currently teaches at CA Arun Setia Classes and also the founding member of the same institute. 

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