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MakeMyDelivery CA Final Self Study Handbook Secret to Crack ISCA By CA Sudeep Mangla Applicable for May 2019

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It starts as a really fascinating journey; the day you will qualify it will be the most remembered day of your life. But right now we are like the ship in the deep sea, fighting battle so let’s put your innate self to cherish the future. It’s been a while and the moment we start studying it seems like a task and with this peer and parental pressure building up, life seems more complicated. I agree and have traveled the same road where we have lot of family expectation s, as they want us to reach the summit of our career. Sometimes it becomes too much to handle, but remember your loving parents always think well of you.?

As a small fact of my life, I and my friend started our CA journey together. started going through the depths of my life and started living like an ignorant. And now when I have qualified and I look back, I realize how asinine I was.I agree that we have to put our soul into the study, considering it’s not that easy to get that prefix {CAj …. so let’s make a few momentary sacrifices in life, still ensure that you enjoy your studies and don’t take them as a burden in your heart.

And remember to seize the moment because it’s a different kind of waiting for that prefix, as it requires your total alertnessStrive harbor a few months to enjoy the rest of your life. And if you fail like me once or twice, it’s ok.Always remember life doesn’t stop. We are people of great caliber and yes we can do it. I hope this book gives you the required support you need to understand and be your best at such an easy subject. Burn the midnight oil to have glorious future. We have it in us, that the reason we all are Proud future CAs.


1. Concepts of Governance and Management of Information System
2. Information System Concepts
3. Protection of Information System
4. Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
5. Acquisition, Development and Implementation of Information System
6. Auditing of Information System
7. Information Technology Regulatory Issues
8. Emerging Technologies

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