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Taxmann Companies Act with Rules (Hardbound Pocket Edition)

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Taxmann's Companies Act with Rules (Hardbound Pocket Edition)​


  • Edition : 30th Edition 2017
  • Date of Publication : May 2018
  • ISBN No.:9789386882769
  • Binding : Hardbound
  • No. Of Pages : 1420
  • Weight (Kgs) : 0.91



With Section -wise Analysis of Companies (Amdt.) Act 2017 [Enforced w.e.f. 9-2-2018/7-5-2018
  1. Annotated Text of Companies Act 2013 [As amended by Companies(Amendment)Act 2017]& Rules framed thereunder
  2. Rules Framed under Companies Act 2013
  3. Circulars & Notifications issued under Companies Act 2013 
  4. New SS-1 and SS-3
  5. Annotation under each section shows
    1. Relevant rules framed under the relevant section
    2. Reference to relevant forms prescribedExemption available to private companies/Government companies/Nidhis/Charitable Companies/Unlisted Public Company/Private Company operating from IFSCs located in SEZ
    3. The gist of relevant circulars and notifications
    4. Date of enforcement of the provision
    5. The corresponding provision under the 1956 Act
    6. Words & Phrases judicially noticed
    7. Allied Laws referred to in the provision
    8. Relevant provisions of SEBI Rules/ SS-1 & SS-2/ Listing obligations /Table F of Schedule I
    9. New SS-1 & SS-3
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