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Understanding Companies Act 2013

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A Comprehensive Commentary With FAQs On Selected Issues Under Companies Act, 2013 

Complete conceptual clarity on:

  • New Concepts in Companies Act, 2013
  • One Person Companies: A useful tool of ring-fencing and corporatization 
  • Key Managerial Personnel: Mis-match of Definition 
  • Can Real Property be Dematerialized? 
  • Structuring corporate control
  • Held in Suspense - Concept of Dual Holding Companies 
  • Will Companies Act, 2013 turn MNC units into public companies?
  • Objects of companies: As the World goes universal, are we going temporal?
  • Financing of companies under the Companies Act, 2013
  • How section 62(1)(c) is taking away the liberty of capital raising by companies
  • FAQs on Private Placement 
  • Determination of  Order of Priority of Charges 
  • ‘Deposits’ are not ‘Loans and Advances’
  • Instalment Schemes for Jewellery
  • NBFCs’ issuance of  secured NCDs in trouble 
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Section 185 of  Companies Act 2013: Straight answer to some nagging questions
  • Does section 185  apply to holding - Subsidiary transactions?
  • Shadow directors
  • Layers of investment
  • Related Party Transactions
  • FAQs on Related Party  Transactions 
  • Corporate Governance and Restrictions on Power of Directors
  • Appointment of Independent Directors 
  • How to Build the Optimal Board 
  • Independent Directors: Transactions and  Relationships
  • Directorship in a company: CAP of Thorns 
  • FAQs on Chairman and CEO 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - The new entrant
  • Provisions on shareholder activism
  • Accounts and Audit


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