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Universally Challenged: Quiz Contestants Say the Funniest Things

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There's nothing quite like a quick fire question, the pressure of a countdown, or the expectant stare of Jeremy Paxman for making even the most intelligent quiz show contestants (as well as the not so clever) come out with the most unbelievably stupid answers. Universally Challenged is a collection of slip-ups, blunders and misunderstandings from contestants who really are the weakest link. Includes these priceless examples from Family Fortunes: • Les Dennis: Name something that could be useful to a blind man. Contestant: A sword. • Les Dennis: Name a bird with a long neck. Contestant: Naomi Campbell. • Les Dennis: Name something people might be allergic to. Contestant: Skiing. This hilarious compendium of stupidity is guaranteed to have readers of any age howling in disbelief.

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